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HX3009 is an ultra-low power integrated proximity sensor with a built-in IR Laser Diode (LD) and I2C interface in 2×1mm 6pin package (MSL3). The device is designed for the short distance detection with auto ambient light and structure crosstalk noise cancellation function. 

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1.Integrated digital optical receiver chip,built-in AFE(Gain:1X-16X Adjustable),16 bits high-precision ADC Integrated high precision VCSEL laser diode (wavelength: 940nm ), The transmitted beam has strong penetration. The internal driving current is small and precisely adjustable (6.25mA – 27mA).

2.Ultra low power 10uA.


4.Built in ambient light elimination circuit, anti highlight, reduce false triggering, and adapt to various indoor and outdoor application scenarios.

5.Built in automatic structured light elimination algorithm to simplify production line assembly.

1.Voltage: 2.9V~3.6V

2.Communication interface: IIC

3.Temperature range: -30℃ ~ 85℃

4.Superiority: Minimum Size Photo Sensor

5.Compact Size: OLGA-6   2.0*1.0*0.5mm