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About Us

Nanjing Tianyihexin Electronics Ltd is an integrated circuit design enterprise founded in 2014,which combines domestic and overseas teams and a number of upstream and downstream industrial capital and first-line venture capital groups, committed to analog (signal chain and power supply), RF integrated circuit and SOC design, research and development, product sales and technical services.

The team members of the company have world-class advanced level of high-performance analog integrated circuit design experience, and master a series of core technologies, in their field to form a strong barrier to competition and product performance of the leading position, in a number of segments of the domestic market share.

Products are mainly used in consumer electronics such as smart wear, mobile communication and PDA laptop, industrial and medical fields, and has cooperated with Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Nokia, DJI, United film, Huachinwen Tailong Qi and many other major ODMs. And is increasing investment in the fields of information and communication, industrial medicine, and automotive electronics.The company is in the rapid growth period, and has about two years to go public.

The enterprise culture

  • Corporate Vision

    To become the global leader of Analog IC design company

  • Corporate Values

    customer centric;Take the striving as the base;innovation as core;honesty is the best policy

  • Corporate Mission

  • Corporate philosophy

The development course

  • Set up in Nanjing

  • Completed the first phase of IP research and development sales exceeded 1 million

  • Wristband heart rate sensor chip shipment to achieve break-even sales of 20 million

  • Sales exceeded 40 million, Set up a branch office in Shanghai

  • Selected as a high-tech enterprise

  • Shipments of heart rate sensing chips exceeded 50 million

  • Selected to cultivate unicorn enterprises in 2019;Completed Series B financing

  • Completed Series C financing

  • Become the domestic consumer electronics sensor chip field the most leading player


Contact us

  • Headquarters: 9/F, Building 5,No150 Pubin Road,PuKou District,Nanjing,China

  • Tel: Mr Lin 13401978969

  • Email:johnny.lin@tianyihexin.com

Shanghai office

Contacts:Mr Yao



Shenzhen office

Contacts:Mr Zhang



Korea office

Contacts:Jonathan Cha