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HX3229-39B is a high sensitivity and wide range input digital ambient light sensor with I2C bus interface. 

The ALS sensor can output two channel data, a visible channel data and an IR channel data, to realize backlight and display brightness control.

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1. The ALS with high sensitivity, low noise, low power consumption and up to 16 bits ADC which can achieve better performance in dark.

2. Wide range, flexible and high linear gain control:1X/2X/……/2048X.

3. Excellent spectral response similar to human-eye response.

4. FOV up to 100 degrees.

5. Flexible interrupt setting.

6. VDD operation voltage : 2.7~3.6V.

7. I2C interface: 1.7V~3.6V.

8. Package: 4.94 * 3.36 * 3.9mm.

9. Lead-free package (RoHS compliant).

10.Moisture Sensitivity Level 3.

1. Voltage:  2.7~3.6V

2. I2C interfac: 1.7~3.6V

3. Compact Size:  4.94mm*3.36mm*3.9mm OLGA8