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HX32062S is an optical sensor with a built-in IR LED and I2C interface.With excellent ambient light detection capability, the device provides ambient light sensing judgment to realize backlight and display brightness control, and at the same time, it senses infrared light to realize judgment for proximity and distance.

The ambient light sensor (ALS) utilizes photosensitive elements such as photodiodes to detect the received ambient light intensity, amplifies the signal through an amplifier, converts the current signal into a voltage signal, and converts the voltage signal into a digital signal through ADC for output.

The proximity light sensor (PS) consists of a light-emitting part and a photosensitive part. The light-emitting part emits optical signals, which are sent back after encountering an object. The photosensitive part receives optical signals after amplification, and then outputs digital signals through ADC.

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1. The ALS with high sensitivity, low noise, low power consumption and up to 24 bits ADC which can achieve better performance in dark.

2. Wide range, flexible and high linear gain control:1X/2X/……1024X.

3. Excellent spectral response similar to human-eye response.

4. FOV up to 100 degrees.


1.The PS with high sensitivity, low noise, low power consumption and 16 bits ADC.

2.Excellent ambient light suppression.

3.Build-in 940nm IR LED.

4.Flexible interrupt setting.


1. power supply with VDD operation voltage: 1.7V~2.0 V.

2. IR power supply with VDD3 operation voltage: 2.7V~3.6 V.

3. I2C interface, 1.7V~3.6V.

4. Compact Size: 4.0mm x 1.5mm x1 mm OLGA8.

1. Voltage:  1.7~2.0V

2. I2C interface:  1.7~3.6V

3. Compact Size:  4.0mm x 1.5mm x1 mm OLGA8