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HX3690S is an ultra-low power integrated AFE for Wearable, Optical, Heart-Rate Monitor and Bio-sensor with I2C interface. HX3690S include PPG and SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) two parts. The PPG part have two input channels, ±64uA offset IDAC,three fully-integrated LED drivers with 8-bit current control and and a high resolution ADC .The SAR part has high sensitivity which enables the detection of human body proximity and supports up to two sensor inputs, with an offset compensation capacitance up to 50pF.The device has a high dynamic range transmit and receive circuitry that helps with the sensing of very small signal.

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1.Ultra-low power,1PD input,LED drives Biological sign monitoring analog AFE.

2.The dynamic range of the optical signal path is up to 100dB, which can accurately process small signals.

3.Support 4-phase data conversion each time, each phase PD input is dynamically selectable, and LED emission is dynamically selectable.

4.Ultra-low power :@FS=25Hz,LED(32uS)25mA:LED20uA,Receiver 45uA.

5.Transmitter :Support 3 LEDS drives ,8-bit programmable LED current up to 200mA with programmable LED on time.

6.Receiver:It supports 2-way time-division multiplexed PD input, built-in 21Bits high-precision ADC and ± 64uA,6 bits configurable DC elimination IDAC, applicable to each phase. TIA mode:10KΩ-1MΩ. Cap mode:The integration capacitance and integration time can be flexibly adjusted for small signal amplification.

7.The sampling depth is 64FIFO. Algorithm scheme for power optimization.

1.Voltage:   VLED=3V~5.25V    VDD= 2.7V~3.6V

2.Communication interface:   IIC

3.Temperature range:   -20℃~70℃

4.Superiority:   High-performance,Ultra LOW Power,HRM,SPO2,HRV

5.Compact Size:   QFN-16   3.0*3.0*0.55mm