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HX3690Q is an ultra-low power, high performance optical sensor with I2C interface for Wearable, Heart-Rate Monitor and Bio-sensor. HX3690Qintegrates a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver has an offset IDAC and a high-resolution ADC. The transmitter has three LED driver ports sharing a 8bit current driver. Both transmitting and receiving path have very high dynamic range, which is desirable to process small PPG signals.

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1.Ultra-low power,2 PD input,3 LED drives Biological sign monitoring analog AFE.

2.The dynamic range of the optical signal path is up to 100dB, which can accurately process small signals,Support 4-phase data conversion each time, each phase PD input is dynamically selectable, and LED emission is dynamically selectable.

3.Ultra-low power:@FS=25Hz,LED(32uS)25mA:LED 20uA,Receiver 45uA.

4.Transmitter :Support 3 LEDS drives ,8-bit programmable LED current up to 200mA with programmable LED on time.

5.Receiver:It supports 2-way time-division multiplexed PD input, built-in 21Bits high-precision ADC and±64uA, 6Bits configurable DC elimination IDAC, applicable to each phase. TIA mode:10KΩ-1MΩ.Cap mode:The integration capacitance and integration time can be flexibly adjusted for small signal amplification.

6.The sampling depth is 64 FIFO,Algorithm scheme for power optimization.

1.Voltage:VLED=3V~5.25V     VDD= 2.7V~3.6V

2.Communication interface:IIC

3.Temperature range:-20℃~85℃

4.Superiority:High-performance,Ultra LOW Power,HRM,SPO2,HRV

5.Compact Size:  QFN-16    3.0*3.0*0.55mm