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HRS3301 is an optical digital heart rate sensor, 525nm green LED and driver in a single 8-pin package.The sensor incorporates with a fast,two-wire I2C bus (up to 800kHz) to communicate with micro-controller or embedded system. Its excellent background light rejection allows the device to operate in environments from sunlight to dark rooms. The heart rate sensing is realized by using an 525nm green light LED with current driver, a reflection light detector for the PPG signal from the human body, as well as heart rate algorithm.

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1.Heart Rate Sensor: 525nm wavelength PPG signal and provide algorithm.

2.HRS: Programmable green light intensity and analog gain.

3.HRS sensor with reduced background noise.

4.IIC interface(up to 800kHz).

5.Low power consumption.


2.Communication interface:IIC

3.Temperature range: -40℃ ~ 85℃

4.Superiority: Integrated heart rate,Base storage

5.Compact Size: OLGA-8   3.94×2.36×1.35mm