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HX3695 is an ultra-low power integrated AFE for Wearable, Optical, Heart-Rate Monitor and Bio sensor with I2C/SPI interface. HX3695 include transmitter and receiver two parts. The receiver have four PPG input channels ,±172uA offset IDAC and a high resolution ADC. The transmitter has eight fully integrated LED drivers with 8-bit current control. The device has a high dynamic range transmit and receive circuitry that helps with the sensing of very small signal.

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1.Ultra-low power ,4 PD input, 8 LED drives Biological sign monitoring analog AFE.

2.The dynamic range of the optical signal path is up to 110dB, which can accurately process small signals.

3.Support 8-phase data conversion each time, each phase PD input is dynamically selectable, and LED emission is dynamically selectable.

4.Ultra-low power : @FS=25Hz,LED(32uS)25mA:LED20uA,Receiver 25uA.

5.Transmitter: 8 LED drivers (internal 2 independent LED driver cores), supporting a maximum 200mA 8-bit programmable LED drive current; When the configurable LED is lit Receiving Support 2-way or multiplex PD input, built-in accuracy ADC 8uA. 8BITS configurable ALS elimination IDAC± 64uA, 8bits configurable DC elimination IDAC each phase.

6.FIFO depth is 256 PPG data, which is applicable to the algorithm scheme of power consumption optimization.

1.Voltage:  TX_SUP =3.3 V~5.25V    VDDA =2.7 V~3.6 V     IO_SUP = 1.8 V~VDDA

2.Communication interface:  IIC/SPI

3.Temperature range:  -20℃~85℃

4.Superiority:  Ultra High Performance,High end dynamic HRM ,SPO2 and HRV

5.Compact Size:   Package1:WLCSP25 2.1*2.1*0.5mm

                          Package2:WLCSP42 2.93*2.63*0.55mm