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The HX9036 integrates a capacitance sense AFE used for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) application.

The HX9036 supports up to eight sensor inputs, with an offset compensation capacitance up to 800pF. The HX9036 has high sensitivity which enables the detection of human body proximity. The portable electronic device can reduce the emission power upon the presence of human body according to the detection result of HX9036. This will bring significant performance advantages for manufacturers of electronic devices with electro-magnetic radiation sources to meet stringent emission regulations' criteria and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standards.

The HX9036 can operate from 1.8V single supply, and it outputs data via I2C bus. The I2C serial communication bus port is compatible with 1.2V~3.6V host control to report user proximity. Upon proximity detection, the INTN output asserts, enabling the user to either determine the relative proximity distance, or simply obtain an indication of detection.

HX9036 has on-chip calibration logic to account for changes in the ambient environment, such as temperature, humidity. The calibration sequence is performed automatically and at continuous intervals, while the sensors are not touched. This ensures that there are no false detections on the external sensors due to the changing environment.

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1. 1.8V Single Supply

2. Eight sensor inputs

3. Capacitance resolution up to 0.59aF

4. Capacitance offset compensation up to 800pF

5. Support fully differential input mode

6. Smart SAR detection engine

7. Advanced ambient environment compensation algorithm

8. Automatic adaptive threshold and sensitivity levels

9. Programmable scan period from 2ms to 4s

10. Ultra-low EMI mode by enable spread spectrum

11. Integrated temperature sense ADC for temperature compensation

12. Low Power consumption

Scan Mode: 25 uA

Doze Mode: 7 uA

Sleep Mode: 3 uA

13. Support up to 400kHz I2C Serial Interface

14. Support 1.2V~3.6V IO voltage

15. Programmable Interrupt or Real-Time Status Pin

16. -40°C to +85°C Operation

17. Compact Size: 1.8mm x 1.9 mm QFN12

1. Voltage:   1.65~1.98V

2. I2C interface:   1.2~3.6V

3. Compact Size:   1.8mm x 1.9mm QFN12